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Is to simplify the process of growing your social media through influencer networks and proven ad management techniques that engage your audience and open up sales, tribe and partnership opportunities.


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Facebook Messenger Automation Services

Many business are looking to increase sales, profitability, build a better customer relationship, and NOT have to continually invest more time! We have a saying here at UpMind Media, “Automation is to your time what compound interest is to your money! Those who leverage it will thrive, those who don’t will… Belly Flop!”We are in the middle of the next MAJOR revolution. An era that will change the fabric of our society… the “Automation Revolution”. Never before was it possible to allow technology to automate so many of our day-to-day tasks. We use voice technologies to order groceries, food, clothing… and literally everything else you can imagine. We have apps in our phone that replace entire INDUSTRIES that existed for decades until now.

The true north for this major shift is “Automation”.

Messenger is on more than 1.8 Billion phones. Making it the second most downloaded and used app on the planet (behind only Facebook). At first Facebook was mainly used to communicate with our friends, but it now is being used to discuss purchase decisions with businesses. Facebook reported that over 10,000,000,000 messages (yes, Billion) are sent between businesses and consumers EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

If you are not leveraging the power of Automation and Messenger, you are over spending on your cost to acquire a customer!

I have a saying Automation is to your time what compound interest is to your money! Learn to leverage it and succeed!

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Manual Instagram Growth Services

Growth with Real Instagram Followers.

Increase Exposure, Branding & Sales Opportunities.

No bots or automation. 100% human-powered manual engagement.

Focused on growing your account with real, relevant & targeted followers.

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