As a Chocolate Unicorn, I cannot be duplicated. 
Chocolate unicorns do not come around very often. 

My story is one of evolution.
I grew up in New York City.
My mom taught me to laugh rather than cry.
I joined the military for 14 years and served our nation.
I have realized my purpose.
I bring joy, humor and happiness to those around me.

My career is connecting with people, bringing laughter to others through a creative process of LDT (Learn, Do, Teach)

I can teach you comedy, improve your digital footprint, create social media exposure AND strategically improve your financial stability….
As an entrepremedian, I combine my passion for creativity with my skills as a comedian with a huge dose of practical knowledge for financial acumen.

As a person who has experienced hardship, I now understand compassion.
As a dad with the best daughter in the world, I now appreciate financial stability.
As a black man who has lived with segmentation, I now treasure acceptance of diversity.

As a successful businessman – an entrepremedian – I am able to lift you into a world of ideas, information, inspiration and independence.

I am the Chocolate Unicorn