Plantar Fasciitis

How to Heal Plantar Fasciitis


This is a very complex subject but some immediate things to do are ice and ice right and roll on balls to encourage blood flow!

Try grabbing one of these bad boys depicted below to give yourself an ice massage and apply pressure!


Next thing you want to do is massage your foot with three types of balls

1.  Lacrosse Ball  –>

2. Soft/Hard Spiked ball –>

About a minute on each, again with pressure, two times per day will greatly increase the blood flow to the area!


Last but not least, you have to stretch your calves and Achilles as they tighten up and stiffness is often the precursor to injury.

Of course, you can lean on a wall and stretch your calves that way but one of the deepest stretches I’ve ever gotten was from

this bad boy right here –>

Stretcher, Foot Rocker –>