8 Keys to Master Speaking


1. Write Down Your Purpose

Going through life without purpose is a like setting sail without a destination.

You are guaranteed to arrive somewhere, it just may not be where you want.

Your purpose is going to fuel your mission, empowering you to be in control of your outcomes!



2. Passion + Flow = Influence

Understanding the Flow-Cycle will allow you to reach your highest potential of influence.



3. Build A Tribe of Mentors

Use mentors to shorten your learning curve, think critically and get creative!



4. Your Tribe Should Reflect The Change You Want To See In The World

Mentors can help build your skill-set but you shouldn’t rely on just one as all mentors have strengths and weaknesses!


5. The Special Sauce!!!

What sets you apart? This is your special sauce. Together we can tune in to finding your unique gifts and how to highlight them so you stand out.

Ensure your message is received how you intended.



6. Vulnerability is Your Ally

Your ability to control emotional tone enables the deepest connections.

When all else fails, use vulnerability; it is the fastest path for connection.



7. Determination + Accountability

Set processes and goals that drive your determination and hold you accountable.

A good coach will ensure you are on the right path to reaching your goals effectively.



8. It Starts With YES

Your future is up to you. YES is the first step into expanding!

You don’t have to have it all figured out now, but the YES is all that’s required for exploring opportunities.


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