Staying on the Grind

Today I almost put a hole through my foot with a nail. Almost died pitching Gloopt while driving a client to his hotel and told an amazing story of paying for a prostitute in Singapore while on a date. Needless to say I live a pretty fucking amazing life! Oh and I want more!!! Private jets and gifts galore I’ve pretty much wrestled the fact that I will be a helicopter dad. But got damn it I will try and be the best one I can be. I know I have to sell some shit! In the hood “shit” can mean good or bad. When I say it I mostly mean good! I just read an amazing book called “The One Thing” and I realize that wealth is in my future because I have an abundance of knowledge (which equals wealth to share). One of my current mentors is a guy by the name of James Altucher and he talks about writing daily and when he blogs he doesn’t hit send until feels he has revealed something that makes him feel vulnerable and scared. I think I finally figured out why. Because when you reveal “TMI” it’s only TMI for people that can’t handle the truth and who needs those folks around. Furthermore, oh and I feel so smart for using that word! Furthermore when you reveal truth you allow yourself to be a. More connectable and b. Less connectable to situations that don’t suit you. I want to be proud of my humanity and let my ego die and just get shit done! I think that should be a T-Shirt. GSD the brand of no excuses. How often do we come up with badass ideas then we just file them away? Execution is everything and the devil is in the details. You know that’s a stupid saying because who the hell wants to dance with the devil and get all into the weeds of the details? No one does, which is why most people don’t reach success. You have to be willing to go to War for your dreams. Because if you don’t no one else will! I said that today to one of my potential clients as we nearly missed smashing into a pick up truck that stood still flashing it’s hazard lights in the second lane from the right as I fingered through the awesome one minute micro channel app (shameless plug) I’m all about selling something, especially if it’s of high quality and I believe in it. So I always am selling me, my idea and my love of people! Connection is everything. One of the things I’m not happy about is excepting the fact that I’m a proud polymath, and if I truly have ADHD it’s a super power. Poly’s rule the world another T-Shirt. It’s 1254am I’m exhausted, mentally wired and excited about trying this new limitless product tomorrow. I’ll tell you how it goes!!! As I take a step back from stand-up, as I attempt to build my own club, I realize that I have so many other outlets that I have been resisting because of fear of sucking at them but mama I wanna sing, dance, play piano, write songs and books and look like a spartan or shall I say Moor!? All of these thing probably won’t happen unless I get performances enhanced. Glad I have my medical marijuana card, now add some limitless powder and some speed and its game on!!! Just kidding, who needs speed when you have Coke!? (I wonder if people will be able to tell what’s real and what are jokes.???) anyway it’s been 20 mins and my writing exercise for the night is done. Thanks for tuning into TMI-Theater… Ohhh that sounds like a great name for a podcast. What say you? Night!

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Born and raised in New York City, I stumbled into my comedy career after 14 years of active duty military service. My act is high energy and dynamic as I have entertained high school graduates, to night clubs, colleges and senior citizens. I pride myself on giving audiences what they want laughter is the best medicine!