Build it and they will come!?

I know we have all heard that cliche before. I’m a firm believer in that idea, with one caveat.  That is build it and tell everyone about it and they they will come (If they like you!)  I know, I know its a big caveat and above all it’s everything. Whether you are building a start-up company or a comedy club it all holds true.  I just happen to be building a start-up company, a comedy club and a marketing company all at the same time.  Basically I am attempting to do the impossible as some would say and it’s all because I never want to be an employee for someone else or a tiny dispensable cog in someone’s system for the rest of my life.  Doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy working well with others or on teams.  I just know I will excel with a team of my own choosing.  I remember picking teams out on the hard top years ago.  It was my ability to judge players and see who would work best together while sharing the ball.  I wasn’t the most skilled player, but I had heart, communication skills and the desire to lead.  Time to continue to change the game people, who’s with me?  Don’t believe just watch!

Just watch

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Born and raised in New York City, I stumbled into my comedy career after 14 years of active duty military service. My act is high energy and dynamic as I have entertained high school graduates, to night clubs, colleges and senior citizens. I pride myself on giving audiences what they want laughter is the best medicine!