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Hey peoples, In the spirit of Artists getting our Hustle on, I wanted to post a few sites that could a. provide some $$$ saving opportunities and 2. help you make some money! As I work from home while I chase this crazy comedy dream .

So the first thing is a site called DealRay – this site is an aggregator of cheap flight deals both domestic and international. If you use my sign up code you get two free months and so will I. Cool deal! If you decide not to use my code I think you get 1 month free and then after that it’s only $9.99/mo – On a flip note many of you have probably had a friend that worked in the airlines before so you are familiar with buddy passes and companion pass. Well I have a next level concept I am working on with a Travel Agent buddy of mine that will be pretty amazing when it gets done in a month or so. Basically my guy can get you a flight to anywhere in the world for 30% off!! That’s right if you look on Virgin, United, America, Delta… the list goes on and on and yes there are some carriers he can’t work with but he covers most of the big ones. So if you ever need a flight check with me first and I’ll get you a great rate! (Site coming soon…

Next I want to show you gals & guys what I will be using to build this site. It’s a new website building platform called PageCloud Check out the 10 minute keynote speech by the CEO here:

This site will be turning web design on it’s head!!! For a limited time it will only cost $99 for the year per site. I have an access code to get in for $74 so if you are interested hit me up and I will take care of you! Oh and here is my referral link, recruit 3 get one free… sounds like a Pyramid Scheme but I already have 3 of my clients signed up because they will be able to cut their expensive web designers ASAP!

Oh and for some entertainment check out this spoof I did with an awesome young YouTuber about how well Kevin Hart is doing in the game right now!

Thanks for reading my post if you made it through!


Up, Up and Away…

How to make sure your career takes flight can be a daunting task! One thing for sure you have to ask yourself a few very important questions. The first is what exactly do I want, how to I plan to get it and finally will I be willing to to try no matter how hard the road gets! Whether you choose entertainment, a skill or a trade, you will need to get your name out there. Marketing encapsulates all of it. We Market ourselves and what we have to offer all day long to potential friends, lovers and employers. The Key is to show exactly what you want others to see about you, clean up the edges and allow them to make a well informed decision about your value to them. You can’t lie, cheat and steal your way to the top unless you’re a politician. So for the rest of us, we have to learn daily so we can achieve greatly and me I alway follow my divine creativity… Learn more about how here:

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